Types of single-dose sachets

Simple sachet

individual bag of classic format, container of a single product.

Duplex sachet

double bag as a multi-product solution for multiple strategies and with more space for communication.

Sachet brochure

simple bag with greater length for your communication or advertising campaign.

Sachet insertion in press

on a magazine specially designed in 4-layer material, suitable to support heavy weights.

Sachet DoyPack

gusseted bag that allows the product to be displayed or held vertically.

Guided exit sachet

also known as a directed exit bag or bag bottle, they are single or double sachets with a pre-cutting system that requires the exit of the product. Best use experience!

Die-cut sachet

shaped bag, ideal to convey your brand identity.

Neck label sachet

ideal bag to hang in any container and carry out cross sampling.

Sachet with eurohole

single or double bag with eurohole in various sizes and formats. Format designed for individual sale.

Individual Wipe

single or double bag containing an impregnated fabric.

Sachet disc

simple bag containing a tissue disc impregnated with any type of dose.

Sachet swab

single or double bag with a small strip of impregnated fabric.

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What is the single-dose or unit-dose sachet?

The single-dose or unit-dose sachet is a type of container that allows you to bring the product to the consumer as a free sample or as a sales container.

Reasons to choose single-dose sachet

Sampling is one of the most effective marketing tactics:

72% of the customers who receive samples later make a purchase.

It allows you to supervise the reactions or results of the market:

ideal if you want to implement future changes!

It is the most hygienic packaging that exists due to its hermetic packaging:

it will preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the product for longer.

Adapted to every need:

an excellent solution for products that require rationalizing their use.

100% effective:

the best container if you want to provide a modern packaging solution.

We pack your liquid product, gel or cream in doses or in single-dose wipes.

Customizable with all kinds of finishes and recyclable materials.

Find what you are looking for among infinite combinations of formats and contents!

What are the advantages of the single-use wipe?


Choose your fabric, weight and absorption capacity.


Hydroalcoholic wipes, disinfectants or sanitizers, make-up removers,
nail polish removers, exfoliants, insect repellants, for eye hygiene, anti-acne,
perfumed, refreshing, intimate, deodorant, post-depilatory.

Secondary packaging

What if I want a secondary kit or any other form of presentation to adapt my single-dose sachets as a sales unit?

No problem! Tell us what you need, and we will adjust to your preferences.

In our handling room we finish conditioning the final product. Each and every one of the sachets can be contained in secondary cases to make their sale, distribution or to personalize their presentation more efficient.

These are some examples of bundling cases and boxes that we have handled for our customers.

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