Quality, our main pride, our strongest commitment.

A value that distinguishes us from the competition.

The quality and safety standards in our packaging services define us and characterizes us from the competition. They are a sign of respect to those who entrust us with their products year after year. The best way to build loyalty and to continue to be a benchmark company in the sector.


How do we achieve fully satisfied customers?

With the continuous improvement and innovation applied to the entire value chain.

Through product packaging with materials with the highest quality standards.

By adjusting to effectiveness and safety criteria endorsed by rigorous evaluation methods.

Which is the main goal of the quality department?

To guarantee the highest quality and safety of packaging in each of the projects.

Vanessa Roca (Directora Técnica Prohima)

Quality is understood as the fulfillment of the highest standards of satisfaction of our customers, controlling all the stages of the process, from the reception of the materials and bulks that are entrusted to us, until the final delivery to the customer ❞.

Technical Director

How does the quality department work?


We work with procedures that ensure the quality of the product.


We anticipate situations and we establish the necessary solutions.


The support to our clients arises from the combination of technology and experience.


The synergies are necessary to achieve the highest quality. Union makes force.


We adapt to the new and demanding national and international regulations.


We have authorization from the Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios for the Storage, Conditioning, Packaging and Labeling of Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Antiseptics for intact skin and Insect Repellant.


We also have the Certificate of Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products and all our processes and procedures are accounted and controlled by agencies that guarantee the highest standards of quality and excellence.

ISO 9001:2015: It certifies that we are working according to a quality management system that allows us to satisfy our customers in an optimal and effective way.

ISO 22716:2007: It proves the good manufacturing practices in cosmetic products and the compliance of the guidelines for their correct packaging.

ISO 13485:2016: This is the international standard that certifies adherence to a quality management system specifically designed for the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices, ensuring the safety, quality, and effectiveness of the products, while complying with all regulations.

Do you want to see our ISO certificates?

We are firmly committed to offering the best of ourselves.

Do you know what the clean rooms are?

Our clean rooms follow strict control and cleaning procedures. The latest results obtained in the operational requalification tests of the facilities show an exhausted and permanent compliance that led us to obtain the ISO 8 classification and even overcome its demands.

Do you want to know our quality policy?

In conclusion… what makes us unique?


Our investment in technology allows us to use the latest materials of the market.


Our processes comply with the strictest quality and safety controls for handling and packaging.


Our facilities are one of the most modern in all Europe, becoming a differentiating element.


Our commitment to quality and strict handling and packaging systems makes us a benchmark in the market.