Marketing CoPacker Group

Are you looking for another type of single-dose container?

At Marketing CoPacker Group we look for a solution according to your needs.

What is MCG?

MCG is our strategic business unit focuses on the copacking solution in the single-dose world.

In addition to packaging single-dose sachets as our specialty, we take care of the integral development of any project aimed at single-use packaging.

Prohima leads Marketing CoPacker Group, as synergies groups made up of specialized companies leaders in any type of single-dose packaging solutions.

A global service, a personalized attention.

Leave any other type of single-dose packaging in our hands!

Vials, minisprays, stickpack, perfume samples, thermoformed products, jars, tubes… all single-use formats available on the market for packaging in the cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy and parapharmacy sectors.

What advantages will you get?

A single responsible interlocutor

from the beginning to the end of the process.

With the quality and efficiency

that has always characterized us.

Better results

in terms of service and timing.

The best orientation

from our professionals.


dynamism and speed.

A global service

at competitive prices.
We are specialists in shaping your ideas.